A Virtual Climb of Japan’s Mountain Fuji


What’s it about?

Mt.Fuji is the most symbolic mountain in Japan in terms of culture and spirituality.

What is the best way to experience a mountain? – It’s Climbing.

Climbing Mt.Fuji is thought to be a reincarnation or the refreshment of the spirit from ancient times. However, the normal trekking season is July and August due to the severe environment.

For that speciality and limitation, more than two hundred thousand people climb it in only two months – sometimes 10,000 climbers within a day!

That concentration makes a kind of festival above the clouds.

The common climbing style is an overnight stay but usually, they aspire to the summit in the early hours of the morning to see the sunrise from the top.

The beautiful view and sunrise from the peak are positively speechless.

Why don’t you challenge Mt.Fuji and see the sunrise from the summit with me, a professional mountain guide, online? Let’s try virtual climbing!

Who’s telling the story?

Kenji is a professional Japanese travelling guide who started his career in Mt.Fuji more than fifteen years ago. He has climbed it 100+ times so far with more than 2000 guests from all over the world.

He’s the only professional guide who gives tours on Aibnb experience now.

In 2020, Mt.Fuji trekking trails were closed for the first time in history due to COVID-19. It was very harsh for him not to be able to visit the special mountain or summer home.

Instead he started a zoom-based virtual Mt.Fuji tour and hosted about 800 guests so far. This could be said as a new style of pilgrimage and he is planning to publish a photo book of Mt.Fuji. 

In this event, he will provide the highlight of the virtual Mt.Fuji tour for free.

Other tours can be checked on Airbnb website.

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