About Us

Our story started when the world had a pause

In the year 2020, the world went in limbo. We stopped going to work, visiting friends and travelling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Transporation was on hold but not connection. Our feet were constrained but not our minds!

A group of us got together every week to explore cultures online from the world. That experience made us re-think and reflect on travel and exploration – how can we make travel special, accessible, responsible, and sustainable.

Our constitution

The future of travel

By hosting free online interactive events every week, we make travel accessible to people of all backgrounds. By connecting you with local experts and cultural stories, we make travel special. By having sustainability-related talks, we make travel sustainable. As a visitor to the earth, let’s make the world better than it was when we came.

The core contributors are

Minji Xu is an entrepreneur with an MBA degree from Cambridge Univeristy. With training in Education Technology from the University of British Columbia, she designs online and onsite learning experiences. Growing up in China and living in the UK makes her extremely curious about culture.

Ploy Khunisorn is a native of Thailand. She came to the USA to do a master’s degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and a master’s degree in Education at Cambridge College. She is the Director of Educational Programs of CommonWealth Kitchen in Boston, MA. With her love of traveling, she has learned varieties of cuisine around the world. 

Marc Sherland, the President of Robert Burns World Federation and Deputy President of UK Workers Educational Association. He is a humanist, performance poet, writer, and folklorist. Born in Kent, England, he moved to Greenock, Scotland at the age of two. Like Robert Burns, Marc is a firm believer in the value of education and the concept of human equality. 

Gary Liljegren lives in Florida, USA. He is a geek, a photographer, and a radio ham. Since talking to the world at the age of 13 through his passion for remote ham radio, he never stopped his curiosity about objects, animals, stories, and people of the world.

AGM Meeting Notes

Download our AGM meeting notes on 15 August 2021