Around the World Disneys: When Dreams Come True

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What is it about?

In his 50s, Walt Disney had a dream to build a theme park where parents and children could have fun together. Combining imagination, tenacity, and innovative engineering, Disneyland becomes the place for an immersive, dream-like fantasy world.

It creates magical moments not only for those who visited but also for those who built the experience.

Join us to experience Disneylands and Disneyseas from around the world. Let’s discover some quirky facts and some behind-the-scene stories about these magical places. We will discover the early history of Disney parks, fun facts about Disneylands around the world.

For the Q&A session, we have the honor to invite two special guests, a couple who worked for Disney Cruise Line for about 5 years. They will share why and how they loved every moment of it.

Who is hosting it?

Originally from Thailand, Ploy moved to Boston for her master’s degrees at Harvard University. Passionate about traveling and learning, she believes we travel not to explore the world but to explore ourselves. One of her bucket lists is to visit all Disneylands in the world. Today she combines her passion for travel and love for food through teaching cuisines of the world.

A professional magician and a meditation teacher, Natalie and Chad were both born and raised in South Africa. Their dream to travel and connect with people was made easier through serving working with Disney Cruise Line and being part of the opening team for the Disney Dream. They continue to bring people happiness through a Youtube channel ‘It’s a Date’ (with fun date ideas) and Instagram ‘Natalie & Chad‘ to share all the things they love for a better life.

Our group photographer Gary will share Disneyland near his home in Florida and Jose from Panama will facilitate the whole session.


25 October 2020

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