Brazil Favela, more than City of God


What’s it about?

Most travelers coming to Brazil would ask about the City of God. And they would be really surprised with the atmosphere in reality.

There are always two sides to every story. Sayuri and Tatiane from Brazil would like to invite us to see a different view of Brazilian Favelas. (Favela means ‘slum’ in Portugese)

Through tours, arts, photos, interviews and videos, the two ladies from Brazil will share from a local perspective, a Brazil more than what the movie City of God presented to the world.

Who’s hosting it?

Sayuri is a Brazilian tour guide, based in Salvador Bahia and she loves to show the authentic city to friends and travelers. This is the way that her tours are organized with a mix between top touristic attraction and local lifestyes.

Tatiane was born in Rio de Janeiro. Completing her studies and graduated in tourism in Italy, she now lives and works in Rio de Janeiro as a licensed tour guide and artist.