Charming Thai Farm and its Unseen Lifestyle

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What’s it about?

Most of us have heard about the beaches in Thailand. Have you been to a Thai farm?

Most of us have enjoyed Thai jasmine rice. Have you talked to a farmer who grows it?

With two Thai sisters Buay and Eng, we will venture out and explore unseen aspects of unique local cultures and ways of life in Thai villages.

Traveling to a lotus farm and an orchid farm, we will discover the process of how farms grow, harvest, and bring them to both the domestic and export market. Visiting village homes and factories, we will learn the unique ways locals make use of exotic fruits and rice products. 

Last but not least, we will have the pleasure to meet the local farmers and enjoy their hospitality. 

Who’s hosting it?

Returning to Thailand from their studies in the US, Buay and her sister Eng got into cultural tourism 16 years ago. With an original idea to connect tourists with local communities, they work with fishermen, agricultural farmers, and goldsmiths whose unique lifestyles remain undiscovered.

They have received guests such as the King of Malaysia and the ex-governer of New York City. But running a family business in tourism for 16 years also meant the two sisters have to deal with many unexpected catastrophes. 

Let us hear the stories they tell.


17 January 2021

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