Christmas Folklore and Stories

Event recording

What’s it about?

Thanks for being with our cultural storytelling for the year 2021. This is our Christmas special event and also our last event for 2021.

Christmas at the end of the solar year is fascinating and evocative. In the western world, Christianity took over the celebration, but scratching beneath the surface and the older festivals become apparent, mysterious and complex. Marc will explore the folklore and stories around the festival.

Minji wants to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution, review the events for 2021 and gather feedback from everyone to plan for the year 2022 cultural storytelling.

Who’s telling the story?

Marc Sherland, the past President of Robert Burns World Federation and Deputy President of UK Workers Educational Association. He is a humanist, performance poet, writer, and folklorist. Born in Kent, England, he moved to Greenock, Scotland at the age of two. Like Robert Burns, Marc is a firm believer in the value of education and the concept of human equality.

Minji Xu is an entrepreneur with an MBA degree from Cambridge University. With training in Education Technology from the University of British Columbia, she designs online and onsite learning experiences. Growing up in China and living in the UK makes her extremely curious about cultures.