Cultural Storytelling Behind the Scene – Show, Tell and Grill


What’s it about?

Online experience became a popular tourism product during the year 2020’s global pandemic. But when we created our online cultural experiences, we were facing several challenges:

  • “Georgia, unfortunately, is still associated with the Soviet Union and Russia, and with my online experience I decided to show …”
  • “When I began this online experience, it was London’s Chinatown experience. But two guests gave me 4-star reviews – saying it is the same as Chinatowns in their cities. “
  • “Most of the online audience has limited knowledge of my country (India) and in fact, had a cliched image of it. “
  • “With the crowded space in the online world, I must stand out and create the cooking experience at home that is as close as the in-person experience. “

So how did we overcome challenges and push ourselves to create better experiences?

In our Cultural Storytelling – Show, Tell and Grill, four speakers will 

  • Show a highlight of their online experiences
  • Tell the behind the scene stories about how did they curate storytelling
  • Grill each other to make each other’s experience even better

As an audience, feel free to participate especially in the grill section =)

Who’s telling the story?