Discover Ancient Mexicas through MEXICA

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What is it about?

Mexico derives its name from Mexicas, the name the Aztecs people gave themselves. Pre-Columbia period, Mexico had been ruled by the Aztecs Empire, a phenomenal indigenous civilisation which ruled far and wide for over 300 years.

More than 20 years ago, Prof. Rafael invented MEXICA, an Artificial Intelligence program that generates narratives about the Mexicas. In 2017, 20 stories generated by the machine “MEXICA 20 years – 20 stories” were published in English and in Spanish.

This week we shall learn about the culture of Mexico through one of the stories generated by MEXICA, sowing our interests into the fascinating world of the ancient Mexicans.

Do you like chocolate? That is one more reason to learn about this ancient civilisation!

Who is hosting it?

Prof. Rafael Pérez y Pérez, the inventor of MEXICA, shall be the star Host on Friday! Rafael specialises in artificial intelligence and computational creativity, particularly in automatic narrative generation. He is a professor at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana at Cuajimalpa, México City. His passions include Mexican cultures, singing and playing guitar.

This session is facilitated by Roopak, a construction engineer based in Delhi (India), who also runs a Hindu Gods, Temples, Festivals & Culture online experience on Airbnb.


11 September 2020

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