Discover Drum Sets with a Brazilian Philosopher

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Who’s hosting it?

Maximino is a professor of philosophy in Brazil. On November 22, 2000, he went into his church and started to play the drums for the first time. Twenty years after, his drumming is known as the Dance of Shiva in Rio de Janeiro.

Maximino never had a drumming teacher. His self-taught learning started by reading all the pages from an encyclopaedia to understand the history of musical notation. This old-fashioned way of learning made him a different drummer – the one who can set the tempo, who understands how to interact with everyone in the band and who understands what’s going to happen before everything happens.

He went on to build his own drum set. From animal skin to PVG, he built up his own drum set which is a collation of 12 countries cultures.

In 2006 he became interested in electronic drums. Recently he opened an online store and consulting service for converting acoustic drums into electronic ones. This led him to research the historical characteristics of each drum and how they should be simulated digitally.

Maximino comes from a Christian family in Brazil that expected him to be a pastor. But he improvised.

He grew up to be a philosopher, professor of theology, civil servant, and musician. ‘Brazilian culture has the power of improvisation. Our Brazillian foodball team is total chaos. There is no planning but we improvise and we are the best in the world.’ Find out more about Maximino’s improvised life through his website.

What’s it about?

On November 22, 2020, precisely 20 years after the first time Maximino picked up his first drum stick, he will talk to us about the history of drum sets.

He will present a music style since the drum set was created (near 1890) and use his drums to explain how the drum set defines rhythms and build new sensations. Let us join his improvised talk and performance.


22 November 2020

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