Discover Secrets of Japan’s Fishing Town


What is it about?

Shioya is a quaint, peaceful fishing village nestled in Kobe. Its biggest treasure is the people and the heartwarming community they have created and nurtured.

Through pre-recorded videos and photos, let’s go to visit Shioya’s harbor, market street, a barber shop which has over 100 years history, a tatami factory, some food shops.

If there is time, you will discover some “secret tips” for living a long life.

Who is hosting it?

“Obachan” is an affectionate term meaning ‘Auntie’. An “obachan in Kansai” means “a middle-aged women in the Kansai region”, known for their great hospitality, communication and life skills.

Sumile used to work in a tourist company which took her to about 45 countries in total. Now a mother of two kids, she returns to her hometown, Shioya. She wants to be our ‘affectionate Obachan, showing a real Japanese fishing town, with its lovely communities & markets here.


19 June 2020

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