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What is it about?

Brazil is a hugely diverse country. Let us take one hour to discover the food in Salvador and Sao Paulo from there.

Salvador de Bahia was the first capital of Brazil that witnessed the blending of European, African and indigenous cultures. Starting with a brief introduction about the history and culture in Salvador and Bahia, Sayuri will share three types of food:

  • Food offered in the Candomble (meaning “dance in honor of the gods”) rituals
  • Food written by Brazil’s master storyteller Jorge Amado
  • Food sold the Beach in Bahia

Sao Paulo is home to the largest Arab, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese diasporas. Giuliano will get five of its unique snacks and eat them in front of us. Bring your own snacks or tea to eat with the Brazilians!

Who is hosting it?

Food from Salvador by: Sayuri, half Japanese and half Brazilian, is a true Soteropolitana (**). Once upon a time, she was a lawyer who loved traveling in her free time. Now she is a traveller and tour guide who offers visitors a different way to discover Brazil with her passionate love for her hometown and its people. (** Soteropolitana means a person born in Salvador. )

Food from Sao Paulo by: Giuliano, an Italian living in Brazil whose cultural insights deepened through his showers taken around the world.

This event is facilitated by Jose in Panama City who loves dancing, collecting antiques, exploring nature, and his family.

Can you spot Sayuri in Netflix’s ‘Street Food Latin America’ – Brazil?

Watch trailer here.


7 August 2020

Source of photos:

Cover photo credits to Agnoell Djymbe Crioulo

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