Fascinating Stories About Lace

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What’s it about?

Handmade antique lace has a noble history stretching back over hundreds of years. Worn by monarchs and aristocrats, lace has always been an important symbol of status and power.

Join us as we explore just a few of the fascinating stories surrounding this intricate craft. Meet the lace makers and view their beautiful creations. Hear some tales of how this valuable product was smuggled from country to country to avoid the Customs men. And discover how fashions for lace changed over the centuries.

Who’s hosting it?

Ann has spent a lengthy career specialising in selling antique textiles. She had a stall at London’s famous Portobello Road market for many years and has sold at fairs, markets and exhibitions, both in the U.K and abroad (particularly Japan).

Ann has a large personal collection of antique lace and in recent years she has been delivering talks on textiles for Airbnb Experiences (and elsewhere), guiding visitors around the wonderful textile collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Some examples of her collection can be seen on her www.antiquelacelady.com website.


15 November 2020

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