From East to West – What’s Christmas?


Our weekly cultural talks have been going on since May this year and this is the last one this year. Like you, we have never done a virtual Christmas party before. But this year is very special so let us make the best of it.

If you have family or friends who are on their own, please do invite them along.

At our last event in 2020, we would like to ask you this question:

What’s Christmas about?

We invite people from a few countries around the world to talk about what Christmas means to them and how do they celebrate it this year. We will ask you the same question – What’s Christmas about.

Christmas is about celebration

We will have a couple of games. We will have a couple of games. Some game involves not speaking English though. Can we have a fun time without speaking English, our common language?

Christmas is about family and friends

A Christmas Carol is a short novel by Charles Dickens. It tells a story about an elderly man being transformed into a kinder, gentler man during the Christmas season. Tracey from the UK will read us a short paragraph of him attending a Christmas dinner.

Christmas is about our loved ones

Feel free to show your loved ones including your pets during our ‘Loved Ones’ Showtime.

It is much more this year

The special year of 2020 made us realise what’s essential in one’s life. This Christmas we would like to invite all of us to reach a world beyond what is immediately around us. It doesn’t matter what you do. Make sure you are reaching out to help somebody else and show them you care.

Since it is the last event of this year, we would like to let you make a wish list for next year – what would you like to discover from whom for the year 2021. We will share our wish list too.


20 December 2020

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