From Ocean to Table, Life of Unseen Thai Fishing Village


What’s it about?

Travel with us virtually, you will get to venture out and explore unseen aspects of unique local cultures and ways of life in a Thai fishing village!

Our virtual tour will start at the fisherman village, Baan Bakmap.

Through pictures and videos, we will show you how the lifestyle of local fishing villagers and scenic scenery, accompanied by some fun activities.

1. We will meet the fisherman to get some insights into the Thai fishery industry and life as a fisherman.

2. We will conduct some fishing activity just like the fisherman.

3. We will cook with a local 5-star hotel chef who can magically turn Thai seafood into a delicacy in a Western kitchen setting.

4. We would also like to share some current challenges facing the Thai fishing community.

Ingredients for this event are sourced locally from the fishing community we work with and support.

Who’s telling the story?

Returning to Thailand from their studies in the US, Buay and her sister Eng got into cultural tourism 16 years ago. With an original idea to connect tourists with local communities, they work with fishermen, agricultural farmers, and goldsmiths whose unique lifestyles remain undiscovered.

They have received guests such as the King of Malaysia and the ex-governer of New York City. But running a family business in tourism for 16 years also meant the two sisters have to deal with many unexpected catastrophes.

Let us hear the stories they tell.