Future of Travel, Future of Living


What’s it about?

In 2020 when the whole world had a pause, our story began. We have ‘traveled’ together 51 times, built a website, and raised over US$1,000.  Now our cultural storytelling is one year old and we would like to take the chance to gather us around the globe to celebrate by exploring some open questions:

  • How would we travel differently?
  • How would we connect with others differently?
  • How would we live our lifestyles differently?

There are three parts of the special event: Panel Discussion, Collaborative Game, and Announcement. Let’s CONNECT. 

Panel Discussion

We have invited speakers from four continents with very diverse profiles and experiences. They are going to share how they coped and pivoted during last year and their visions for the future.

  • The Obachan who opened her fridge (Japan) – Being a mother of two kids makes Sumile feel being an “obachan in Kansai”. That means “a middle-aged woman in the Kansai region”. They are known for having great hospitality, communication and life skills. She shows a Japanese lifestyle through her fridge.
  • The multi-talented who expanded his passion (India) – With previous experience in different domains such as farming, human resource consulting and e-commerce, Praveen expanded his passion to share Indian hidden gems from regional to national. 
  • The photographer who told untold stories (UK) – A London-based photographer, Adam tells stories of people and their relationship with their identity and environment. Last year, he worked with the University of Oxford to explore the experiences of the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The adventurer moved from city stage to living room stage (USA) – An entrepreneur with experiences in teaching, acting, and public speaking, Kat founded a global adventure event company.  She adapted her city scavenger hunt race to a living room legend game which became a top seller. 
  • The barista who connects the world with a cup of coffee (Mexico) – A judge in Mexico’s national coffee competitions and the founder and CEO of Borola Café in Mexico City, Richardo put together a team to teach online coffee Masterclasses.

The session is facilitated by Ploy who’s traveling the world through cooking and Minji, an online learning designer in London.  

Games to connect and collaborate

We will play some fun games so everyone can get to know each other and share their ideas about the future of travel and the future of living.  Our group photographer Gary, a lifelong radio ham, is in charge of a group fun time.

Announcement – Thank you

We want to say thank you for your donation so we could continue. With our social media volunteers Jose and Stanley, we will explain how the money was/will be spent and share some exciting progress and new initiatives.

This program is presented by ExploreCulture.

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Source of images:1. Contribution from Gary Liljegren (group photos), Helen Rawlinson (group drawing), and speakers’ websites.