Gold, WeChat and Zheng: Chinese New Year Special

Event recording

What’s it about?

Chinese New Year is around the corner and we would like to show three different types of treasures from varied perspectives and of varied times:

  • We will visit the goldsmith in Bangkok’s Chinatown, a perspective of Chinese culture outside China
  • We will experience WeChat, the digital super app for online and offline life, a perspective of the modern Chinese culture.
  • We will enjoy Zheng as a Chinese music instrument, a perspective of the classic Chinese culture that stood the test of time.

We hope to bring you closer to a culture that is reinventing itself rapidly while inheriting a prolonged legacy.

Who’s hosting it?

Buay and her sister Eng are Thais with Chinese heritage who work with tourism to show authentic lifestyles.

Vincent, the founder of LivAway, a cultural exchange organisation in China, is passionate about Tech and startup scenes.

Judy, the second generation of Chinese tea master, reveals the secrets of tea and plans to make tea fashionable again.


14 February 2021

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