Halloween Special – Magic, Ghost and Superpowers

Event recording

What’s it about?

A folk tale is a story passed down from generation to generation orally.  They are fictional stories that communities tell about everyday experiences. They are imaginative stories that cover a range of topics: love, friendship, adventures, and challenges. 

Sometimes a folktale will explain why or how something happened, like why an elephant has a long trunk. These are called pourquoi tales. Pourquoi is French for “why.” Other folktales have to do with “trickster” characters, who cause some mischief.

Though fantastical, many believe these legends are rooted in truth.

Our Halloween Special invites several storytellers from Asia, Europe, and America continents to share one folktale each. In between, we will have a dice game to create our own characters and stories about magic, ghosts, and superpowers. 

Why we organise these events?

2020 is a lockdown year for all of us. But hey, something nice happened! A group of us get together every week to explore cultures through Zoom. Our feet are constrained but not our minds. Contact us if you want to organise an online exploration of cultures.


1 November 2020