Happy Cat Month – Why Cats Do What They Do


What’s it about?

Are you curious about the language and behaviour of animals? Do you have a cat behavior problem that you want help with? Have you ever felt like you and your cat could use some couples counseling for better bonding?

This is the first talk to explore the animal cultural kingdom, as a way to celebrate Happy Cat Month in September.

There are three parts of the talk:

1. Cultural background:

How a natural catastrophe got Stephen into the area of animal care, rescue and behavior consulting.
Lifestyle changes of cats, the development of animal shelters, and the reasons why people like Stephen have jobs.

2. Why cats do what they do:

HOW and WHY cats behave the way they do. Some common challenges include:

+ Fearful Cats + Cat on Cat Aggression + Food Obsession + Aggression During Petting or Play + Early Morning Wake Up or Night Crazies + Scratching Furniture + Litter Box Issues + Cat Socialization + And More

3. Learning about your cat:

In this Q&A session, we will listen to you describe your cat’s behavior problems and then using insights and behavior “tools” to guide you in helping your cat be the best cat it can be.

Who’s telling the story?

Stephen believes deeply in a compassionate, educational, collaborative and non-judgemental approach to cat behaviour.

Originally a theatrical lighting designer in New York City, he began working with cats in 2002. He consults for shelters, rescues and vet practices in NYC and around the USA and he also works as a feline behavior specialist for the Animal Care Centers of NYC, https://nycacc.org.

He participated in a spay/neuter and research campaign centered on the dogs that live around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, all descendents of the pet dogs left behind after the reactor accident of 1986.

You can check out his website Cat-Behavior-Help.com or follow his YouTube Cat Chat  or join his online Airbnb Experience Cat Behavior Help with a Behaviorist Pro

Message from Stephen

If you didn’t get your question answered, or if you have a follow up question I would be happy to address it in an email. Please contact me at stephen@cat-behavior-help.com.

Reading material: 2 books that I like, Cat Sense by John Bradshaw is great background material and Jackson Galaxy’s Total Cat Mojo is very practical.

For behavior problems that seem to defy solutions, problems that you have been living with for a while, or even new problems that are concerning, I am available for private consultations. Included is:

  • A 1 hour consult over Zoom or Google Meet (your choice at booking)
  • A written summary and behavior plan
  • Unlimited support by email on the issues discussed

You can read more about how I work and what I do at cat-behavior-help.com and you can read over 120, 5 star reviews of my cat behavior class on the Airbnb Online Experience platform at https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/1725425.

I also record Youtube programs on cat behavior with my Youtube Partner Jen Funnel. You can see the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf-VJR_oBweWpAQm9yfAI0Mp4VVNolnqn.

I believe in a compassionate, educational and affordable approach to cat behavior. 
Here are some resources connected to topics we discussed:

Links go to Amazon Unless stated otherwise.I get no compensation.SSScat, keeps cats off surfaces like countersDoor Buddy Strap for Cat to Cat Intros (use with a wedge)Puzzle Feeder demo video (YouTube)A small but great Puzzle FeederAnother great puzzle feeder, largeLarge puzzle feeder instruction video (YouTube)A great climbing treeA Microchip reading cat door.
Here are 2 good articles on our relationships with cats.

How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

What Do Cats Think About Us?
Finally, this is a link to my scheduling app.