Hong Kong, Paradise on Earth?


What is it about?

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Hong Kong is famous for towering skyscrapers. Hong Kong boasts the world’s longest covered escalator. Hong Kong’s well-known Dim Sum food literally means “touch the heart”. 

This Sunday we want to share things about the city (history, geography, landscape and climate) which you might not know, making you discover it differently.

A few questions will be asked, hopefully, you will not be able to find the right answers, which would mean you are learning something. The first one is: Hong Kong, paradise on earth?

Who is hosting it?

After spending his youth in Provence, Andre studied/worked in various places across Europe including Paris, London, Cologne, Zurich and Luxembourg. He eventually had a chance to move to Asia and settled in

Hong Kong, which he liked so much that he stayed there for over ten years. It is now with a little bit of nostalgia that he thinks about Hong Kong and takes this opportunity to share his fondness for the place. 

His beloved wife Lillian will be the facilitator from their current home in Singapore.  Originally from Beijing, she lived in Hong Kong, Edinburgh and now Singapore. 


11 October 2020

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