How to host online?


Why host online?

1. Share your passion from anywhere
2. Reach to a much wider audience
3. Have a digital presence on your topic

How to host online?

Tip 1: Check if you have reliable Internet, which is a must if you host an event. But it is equally important to consider that your customers/guests might not have reliable internet.

Tip 2: Check if you have a proper setup:

👉 Lighting for virtual meetings: see the example below

👉Check audio: sit closer to your computer to amplify your voice or get microphones 

👉Check the background: make your background neat or use virtual backgrounds. The downside of using a virtual background is that sometimes it ‘chops’ off your body parts or objects you want to show.

👉Check devices: if you are using multiple devices in the same room, make sure you mute the sounds of all other devices to avoid echo.