Inside a Japanese Fridge

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What is it about?

The world’s average life expectancy is about 72 years old. Meanwhile the average life expectancy in Japan is about 84 years. Many people attribute Japan’s longevity secrets to its healthy diet.

This week Sumile and Sayuri will talk about their connection with Japan, take us to visit a Japanese fridge and uncover secrets of a long and healthy life in Japan. They will walk us through the philosophy behind and secrets of Japanese healthy food culture, how Japanese breakfast differs from Brazilian breakfast and help you with your questions about Japanese food products.

If you have some Japanese food product that you would like to ask about, feel free to bring it with you and ask advise from Sumilie and Sayuri.

“If you want to keep your healthy, you should keep your grandmother diet.”

Who is hosting it?

Sumile from Kobe, Japan used to work in a tourist company which took her to about 45 countries in total. Now a mother of two kids, she returns to her hometown to welcome guests from the world to her hometown in Kobe and shares Japanese heathy life tips through her fridge.

Sayuri from Salvador, Brazil is half Japanese and half Brazilian. Her grandpa was among the first to emigrate from Japan to Brazil with whom she keeps her connection with Japan. Once a lawyer, she is now a traveler and tour guide who offers visitors a different way to discover Brazil .


27 September 2020

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