Love for Sahara

Event Recording

Love for Sahara

What’s it about?

Join Juanita from Sahha Sahara for a talk about life in the Sahara Desert which is like no other place on earth.  There are three parts of the talk with her first-hand photos, videos, insights, and stories.

Part 1: My story – Why I moved to Sahara?
Part 2: Local culture – How is life different?
Part 3: Why Sahha Sahara – The word ‘Sahha’ is an Arabic word that means, “I hope you enjoyed it”. That is our wish.

There are Q&As in between and at the end.

Who’s hosting it?

Fourteen years ago, after a 10-day trek (and six months of counseling!), Juanita took a leap of faith and left her home, job, family and life in Vancouver, Canada, and made Tunisia her home. She had been a social worker and belly dance instructor in Canada.

Moving to a small Bedouin village (population 200) in the Sahara, Juanita became a respected and loved member of the Bedouin community (she has now learned enough Arabic for basic communication). Living within the Bedouin villages, Juanita experienced not only the joy, kindness and generosity of the people but also the poverty. 

As much as she loved life in a Bedouin village, her big love was always for the Sahara. Over the years, Juanita has regularly spent time with nomad families (who live and travel full time in the Sahara), including being taken by nomad women (literally by hand after meeting them in the Sahara) to their temporary camp, where they were making carpets, having babies, getting tattoos (and welcoming her)!

Because of her love of the Sahara, south Tunisia and her community, as well as feeling incredibly lucky to have found such rich culture, she wanted to share this with the world.  In spite of various challenges, Juanita began to organise expeditions in order to try to provide much-needed work for her friends.  Sahha Sahara was born.

Join Juanita for a trip to South Tunisia and an adventure in Sahara. 

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