Malaysia culture

This is why we say ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’

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Why do we say “Malaysia, Truly Asia”? Let’s explore its exciting diversity through cultures, stories, festivals.

What is it about?

Join Tajuddin and explore Malaysia, a small country in Southeast Asia that is full of multiethnic and multicultural history.

We’ll explore the country through food. How do Malaysian people order breakfast or even snacks?

We’ll explore the country through rituals. How do different ethnicities and religions practice their daily rituals?

We’ll explore some must-see places. Where should we visit when we travel to Malaysia next time?

Let’s learn from Tajuddin’s stories and Malaysia’s unique culture. Malaysia stands out as the center of diversity where has been a good model to live in peace and harmony.

Please have a pen/pencil and a paper as we’ll play a fun game while we learn about the history and culture. The 3 winners will get a prize at the end of the session.

Who is hosting?

A full-time licensed tour guide who was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tajuddin is passionate about sharing Malaysian history, culture, and charm with tourists and travelers.

He has been hosting experiences on AirBnB. Since the Pandemic, he has been doing his online experiences.

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