Matcha, the Ceremony of Tea

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What’s it about?

Tea, so ubiquitous in Japanese culture, that drinking it equates to drinking water.  But there is something quite special about Matcha tea and the whole ritual around it. 

We will start with a general understanding of Matcha by Judit: its place among the varieties of the Japanese teas, the making process, its role in our daily life, and some tips on choosing good Matcha. 

Terumi-chan will take us further to discover Matcha’s cultural and historical meanings: how it is related to the Samurai social class, the masterminds behind tea ceremony, the design of Japanese tea house and why, She will also demonstrate the procedures, tools, and essential elements of a Japanese tea ceremony.

In between, we would like to invite you to introduce your favorite tea and tea package so we can have a quick around-the-world tour of teas. 

Tea is meant for savoring. It’s there to remind us every moment is a good moment and every day is a good day. So is life.

Who’s hosting it?

Terumi’s father is a porcelain-maker who surrounded his family with a cultural social circle. Terumi’s current tea master was one of them. Receiving education in tea and Kimono from master teachers, she runs Japanese cultural experiences both online and in-person

Judit drank flavored tea as a child. The first time she tried tea without sugar, she was amazed by the special flavor of tea leaves itself. Her trip to places such as Japan and Taiwan opened a whole new world of tea to her. 


29 November 2020

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