Māori Welcome, Wānaka, New Zealand Indigenous Culture


What’s it about?

This talk will explore some core Māori cultural tikanga and how these are utilised already within successful corporate values and company culture in New Zealand.

You’ll connect to Māori history of the Wānaka region as you experience the Wero laid down by a Māori warrior and learn about each aspect that makes up Te Ao Māori/Māori World view. 

It is done where each aspect is broken down from Māori language into English so would suit corporate groups, families, schools and students around the world wanting to gain a deeper insight into learning more about Māori culture in New Zealand.

You will learn about the signifance of Haka(Māori Dance) and it’s cultural connection, relating specifically to the region of Central Otago, and we will explain what each action means and the importance of it in building MANA/pride and connection with all people-as my man The Rock would say. 

This is all delivered while also viewing the beautiful scenery of Wānaka on offer in the region of mountains and lakes.

Who’s telling the story?

Haere mai/Welcome to Wānaka and Te Ao Māori. Joe is of Māori heritage. His great-great-great-grandparents were among the first people to settle in Central Otago. He has a deep aroha/love for this area and a strong connection to it.

Joe wants to share his passion for Māori culture, the history of Wānaka and surrounding areas and the beautiful landscape on offer.

He supports the ‘Tiaki Promise’ where they encourage everyone viewing/visiting Aotearoa New Zealand in a way that keeps everyone safe, protects their environment, respects their culture and protects the country for future generations.

Book Joe’s complete online Māori experience here – https://www.airbnb.co.uk/experiences/2987625

Check his website to find out more – https://www.wanahaka.co.nz/