Panamanian Dance + Brazilian Shower

Event recording

What is it about?

Why do Brazilians shower so much–often three times a day?

How does Panamanian dance combine Spanish, Caribbean, African and American together?

First, we will hear some short history of dance in Panama. With some music, let us make some little steps so we can move our hips.

Afterward we will hear stories about the shower culture in Brazil and take the longest shower to be the cleanest person on Friday!

Who is hosting it?

Jose, born and raised in the Panama City, is a biomedical engineer who discovered his love as a tour guide (15 years since then). Passionate about nature, adventure and family, he loves playing soccer, hiking & exploring new areas of Panama, and collecting antiques .

Originally from the ancient city of Pompeii, Giuliano moved to Rome, Greece, Spain and now Brazil as a professional tour guide. A traveler, humanist, graduated in film, theatre, and fine arts, he is in love with languages, cities, and cultures.

What shall we bring for this event?

Bring your daily shower gel.


31 July 2020

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