Picture Excursion into Space – a Talk by Gary in US and ZheYou in China


What is it about?

Explorers have set out for thousands of years to new lands, with new methods of transportation, for new discoveries.

From the first hot-air-balloon flight in 1783 carrying a duck, a sheep, and a cockerel to today’s competition in the “billionaires race to space,” we watch with great interest where men and women go into the great beyond.

The first manned hot air balloon flight took place in Paris in 1783, but China has been experimenting with hot air technology for more than two thousand years, with the first documented tests performed as early as the 3rd century BCE.

Zheyou (Neil) in Shanghai, China and Gary at the Space Coast in Florida will be presenting a program on August 29th called “A Picture Excursion into Space.” It will document mankind’s efforts to reach higher above the earth and further with planned journeys to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Who is telling the story?

ZheYou is 11 and Gary is 80, both of whom are amateurs in the subject, and both are continually fascinated with space exploration.

Gary Liljegren lives at the space coast in Florida, USA. He is a geek, a photographer, and a radio ham. Since talking to the world as a young teenager through his passion for ham radio, he has never stopped his curiosity about animals, stories, and people of the world.

ZheYou is graduating from primary school and will be going to secondary school this year. Living in Shanghai, China, he likes food, ham radio, playing flute and piano. His dream is to become an aerospace engineer.