Robert Burns, Scotland’s Favourite Son

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What’s it about?

What do you know about Scotland? It exports world-famous whisky; it’s where Harry Potter was written and it’s where inventors of the steam engine, the telephone, and the penicillin were born. 

Every year on 25 January, Scotland and many people around the world celebrate Burn’s Night to remember the life and legacy of one man: Robert Burns, Scotland’s favourite son. 

What’s so special about this son of poor farmers from the 1800s century? How does his exceptional writing talent influence our world today? How to celebrate Burns Night? Why is Burns Supper nothing like any dining experience you would have before? What are some differences between English culture and Scottish culture?

Join us to find out.

Who’s hosting it?

Marc Sherland, the President of Robert Burns World Federation, is a humanist, performance poet, writer, and folklorist. Born in Kent, England, he moved to Greenock, Scotland at the age of two. Like Robert Burns, Marc is a firm believer in the value of education and the concept of human equality. 

You are also welcome to join the virtual Burns Supper organised by Robert Burns World Federation at 7 pm UK time on the 23 January.  Discover what happens during a Burns Supper here.


24 January 2021

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