Robin and Wren


What’s it about?

Outdoor pursuits of all kinds are a popular pastime for people throughout the United Kingdom. Bird watching is established as a healthy and popular pastime for people to do outdoors.

Two tiny little birds hold a very unique place in the history and folklore culture of Britain.

The Robin and the Wren, God Almighty’s cock and hen.

We will talk about

(1) Why they are so important for British folklore

(2) Explain what’s that all about

(3) Give you some of the stories behind both the robin and wren and some other birds common in Britain.

So you get an idea of what these stories might come from.

Who’s telling the story?

Marc Sherland is the President of Robert Burns World Federation and Deputy President of the UK Workers Educational Association.

He is a humanist, performance poet, writer, and folklorist. His passion for folklore led to the birth of this talk.