Romania Road Trip


What is it about?

We are starting this fantastic one-hour road trip around Romania at Dracula’s castle, to meet the famous count known all over the world. Next, we follow the road across the mountains into Transylvania, where we will stop for lunch. Heading North, we will pass by Bucovina and the North of Moldova, sampling some of Romania’s best desserts. We will then head South-East, to learn the secrets of the Danube Delta and its inhabitants. Next? Party on the beach, before taking the highway towards the capital. Ready for an epic ride?

Who is hosting it?

Born in Bucharest and raised in Transylvania, Joanna now lives in England. With a background in journalism and multimedia production, she travels to discover, to explore, to be a better storyteller and to create new friendships. These stories are captured on her website

What shall we bring for this road trip?

Wear your best road trip attires, sunglasses, hats, shorts, etc. (we are sure you have better styles than the man and woman whose photos we found on the Internet!)


10 July 2020

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