Schooling the World, One Edible Artwork at a Time


“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” – Mother Teresa

Event Recording

What’s it about?

Have you ever seen artwork that is edible and can be stored at room temperature for years?

Join us to explore how we can transform sugar into artwork that lasts a long time. Let’s explore techniques to make sugar artwork using isomalt, while learning about the story behind the art. This cultural storytelling will be led by Chef Linda, a native Armenian, a professional sugar and chocolate artist, and a Food Network’s Candyland star.

She will tell her journey in chronological order with interactive quizzes and a live art demo in between

Social cause: Founding the educational nonprofit in Haiti, then expanding to Armenia, meeting Pure Water for the World in Haiti whilst doing her nonprofit work

Passion in edible art: Starting the sugar and chocolate art business and partnering with PWW. Expanding the business from products to classes, art exhibits, and local TV shows to merge her interests in edible art and social causes

Science of edible art: She will also explain a bit about the science of isomalt, and make a small art piece out of isomalt.

Who is hosting this?

Beirut-born medical editor and international educational nonprofit founder, Linda Khachadurian, studied sculpting in the clay medium in her youth. A life-long sugar fiend, it occurred to her one day, several years ago, to work in the edible medium.

In 2015, she started the online shop, Chipper Confections, which gives five percent of proceeds to Pure Water for the World — an organization that Linda had met a couple of years earlier while writing an article about safe water in Haiti for The Harvard Review of Latin America.

Since then, her sugar art and chocolate art has been sold at retailers such as UncommonGoods and displayed everywhere from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in LA to the Mariott Marquis in NYC to the Sheraton Boston Hotel, as well as in several art galleries in the Boston area.

Her science and visual arts background allow her to explore how they intersect with culinary arts, and one of her missions has been to blur the divide between culinary and visual arts. She holds degrees from Johns Hopkins and Harvard.

Websites: (sugar & chocolate art) (educational nonprofit Haiti & Armenia)

Instagram: @chipperconfections