Secrets behind the India Mughal Empire


What is it about?

Mughal Empire had ruled in India for three centuries and left its legacy seen so predominantly in Indian culture even today (food, clothes, architecture etc.). There are several interesting stories of Mughal Dynasties around which the Theme Quiz would be built including the very famous “Taj Mahal”.

In between, we will learn some Indian dance moves.

Who is hosting it?

Nidhi & Roopak are a Hindu family living in Delhi, India. They frequently host kitty parties and get-together events at their home. “In India, it is believed food made with love and warmth tastes much better than a chef in a restaurant who is just doing his job. “

Harmeet was born and bred in Germany with a background of Indian ancestors. She has been living in an Indian area in London for over 15 years, supporting her family for imports and exports around the world.


5 June 2020

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