Skyscrapers and Us

Event recording

What’s it about?

Join an architectural exploration of tall buildings in London and beyond! Made by innovative design and materials, they stand out in a city full of historical architecture. This makes London both traditional and modern.

But if you look again and perhaps can access top floors, they unveil an amazing sight of the city itself, embracing all you know of it and more. 

We will start with a quiz followed by three parts of the storytelling:

Part 1: Historical context
Part 2: Audience participation- – perhaps you can tell us about your skyscraper or favourate building
Part 3: Skyscrapers in London – Shard, Leadenhall Building, Lloyd’s

– Q&A

This interactive talk gives historical background for the weird & wonderful skyscrapers we see today.
We also invite us to challenges our experience of tall buildings from the street and from above: how do they affect the way we experience our cities?

Who’s hosting it?

The talk (and some quiz!) are led by Roberta. An Italian who has been living and working in London since 2007, she is passionate about art, architecture, and history.  She is the founder of ARTwiT – Art Tours with a Theme, a cultural and art experience provider. Click her YouTube channel to discover more.