Some Like it Hot: Curries from the world

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What is it about?

It’s hard not to love curry. This week three food lovers in our group are going to show us how we are connected by this delicious food!

Joanna, from her kitchen in London UK, will start with a hands-on demonstration, making curry from scratch and explain what each spice does. 

Then from his kitchen in Delhi India, JD will take us back to history: how curry got its name, who invented the curry power, plus the oldest curry known to mankind.

Terumi-chan in Osaka, Japan, will take up from there and tell us stories of curry, the soul of Japanese food. 

Who is hosting it?

Joanna travels not only to discover and to explore, but also to eat. Believing that you live to eat, and not eat to live, she captured her foodie stories on her websites about world travel and Southern Spain travel

JD’s family has owned a restaurant for 3 generations. Through food tourscooking classes and online cooking experience (featured on BuzzFeed and Tasty), he spreads his passion for Indian food.

Terumi was born and grew up in Osaka, Japan.  Her love for food started from very young age. She shares the culture of Japan through tea, food and kimono.


4 September 2020

Source of photos:

1.Instagram: Food Tour Delhi , Oana_Roua, T-Japanesefood culture. 

2. Archanas Kitchen

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