Stanley’s Wacky World of Games Design

Event recording

Stanley and his family in London

Stanley is fifteen years old this year. He lives with his family in London.  Sometimes he takes walks with his artistic mom, Helen.  Helen, who runs screenprint workshops in London, loves all sorts of colors and takes numerous photos of what is around. Stanley’s mind, however, is totally occupied by what puzzles he should add to his next video game.

From Game Player to Game Designer

Stanley used to play a lot of games but one day he got extremely bored and opened a coding book his parents gave him. From that moment, he was no longer content to have games served to him. He wants to design games and be inspired. That means he needs to be more patient, more resilient, and more ambitious.  His game design skills leaped forward during this Covid year as he suddenly had a lot more time at home. His StanleyLikesCyan YouTube channel shows a little bit of his wacky game design world and some tutorials he made to teach game design.

“Stanley’s” Parable

Stanley will host an event to tell us how he got into game design, what is game design and how culture is implemented in his games. And of course, he will show us some games he has designed over the past few years. Let’s follow Stanley to see how games such as The Stanley Parable have inspired his own creative venture.


13 December 2020

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