The Art of Serving Tea – a Cross-Cultural Perspective


What’s it about?

Do you like tea? What is your way of drinking and serving tea?

For this event, we will invite two tea experts to share their family stories about tea and the ways of serving tea in their own cultures.

The activities include:

1. Show and tell: each of the speakers takes turns to share her story or her family’s story about tea, with a demonstration of tea serving Judy will show some of the premium Chinese teas her family farm grows in China and demonstrate the philosophy, culture, language, equipment, and serving etiquette around Chinese tea. Terumi-chan will take us further to discover Matcha’s cultural and historical meanings. She will also demonstrate the procedures, tools, and essential elements of a Japanese tea ceremony.

2. A conversation: we will have a discussion to discover the connections and differences behind these tea rituals and cultures. This includes Q&A time with the audience.

3. Share your tea: Feel free to share your traditions and etiquette of serving tea.

Who’s hosting it?

Chinese tea master – Judy. Originally from China, she grew up in a family which has been running a tea business for four decades. She is not only a second-generation tea master but also a national certified Chinese tea ceremony professional. Check out her Instagram @msjudyzhu.

Japanese tea master – Terumi’s father is a porcelain-maker who surrounded his family with a cultural social circle. Terumi’s current tea master was one of them. Receiving education in tea and Kimono from master teachers, she runs Japanese cultural experiences both online and in-person.