The Wonder That Is India


“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. ”  – Mark Twain

What is it about?

Join us on a virtual road trip and a fun trivia game of India where the goal is to reach our final destination. Correct answers keep us on course while wrong ones will take us astray!

In a land with 31 languages, each with at least a million speakers, 1.3 billion people, and a civilization dating back over 5000 years, you are bound to trip on its colourful culture, diverse people, stunning natural wonders and ancient monuments at every corner and turn of your exploration.

After all, India is one of those rare places where you can go skiing in the mountains in the morning, check out wild tigers and elephants in evergreen forests and 1000-year-old monuments by lunchtime, and end the day relaxing in the warm tropical waters of a stunning beach!

Who is hosting it?

Praveen is a history buff and runs a boutique tourism company showcasing the vibrant culture, diversity & heritage of India. In the last four years, he has hosted thousands of guests from around the world earning top reviews.

His previous experience in different domains such as farming, human resource consulting and international e-commerce adds a unique perspective to his tours and narrative. About four years ago he took a bold decision to spend the rest of his life doing only the things dear to him. Namely – history, culture, nature, writing, running and meeting people. Out of these interests was born the tourism venture.

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