Vietnam∶ a Bittersweet Ending

Event recording

What’s it about?

Most people know Vietnam from its delicious street food. But not many people know about Vietnam’s culture and history, especially from the Vietnamese perspectives. Let’s join Spring and Hieu for their cultural storytelling through food, hidden gems, and bittersweet untold stories.

Spring and Hieu will turn a difficult discussion and a heartbreaking story into a fun educational, interactive tour using pre-recorded videos and photos. Next time when you visit Vietnam, you’ll appreciate your trip a little more. History helps us understand who we are and how we might approach our future (trips).

Who’s hosting it?

Spring and Hieu are a Saigonese couple who has been guiding tours for over 5 years and welcome over 3,000 guests to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. With their passions for helping people get to know Saigon, Spring and Hieu have been making each tour better and better every time.

When not guiding guests, Spring loves lifting weights, listen to K-pop, and watch Korean dramas. Hieu loves doing yoga taught by his teacher Sadhguru and reading different kinds of stuff. So, Spring and Hieu are definitely a cool couple to hang out with.

Want to find out more?

Their website:

Their Instagram: springsaigontours

Their free e-guide for Saigon travel