Vietnamese New Year, Women’s Roles, And Food

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What’s it about?

Vietnam has a diverse and deep culture. The most important holiday and celebrated festival in Vietnam is Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) or Lunar New Year which is the same date as in China.

It’s the day we express respect for ancestors and welcome the lunar New Year with family members. It means that the family has to prepare to welcome the first day of the New Year. Women in the households play a significant role in this preparation.

Join Na of Eat Hoi An in this fun and informative cultural storytelling session as she will talk about the importance of Vietnamese Lunar New Year, women’s roles, and food for this celebration.

Na will start the session by teaching you how to make a popular Vietnamese tea, orange lemongrass peach tea. You are welcome to make the tea along so you can enjoy this refreshing tea during the session.

Then, she will talk about how people prepare for Tet from days before the event and the day of the event. She will also share her story as a woman in a household. We will also learn about food that is served during the festival. Let’s explore this fascinating event with us.

Orange Lemongrass Peach Tea

Ingredients (for 1 Serving):
1 bag black tea
150ml hot water
1 and half tablespoons sugar
2 lemongrass
100ml fresh orange juice (keep 2 thin slices to garnish)
Canned peach
Shaker (or a bottle)

Who’s telling the story?

Na was born and raised in Hoi An-a central city of Vietnam. Na and her husband are running a family business called Eat Hoi An where they offer authentic local experiences to visitors. Their experiences include cooking classes and street food tours. Na loves to share her passion for Vietnamese cuisine to people around the world.

Since the pandemic, she turned her classes to Zoom online. She has been teaching online cooking experiences since then. Check out her online cooking experiences here: