World’s Comfort Food: Instant Noodles

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What’s it about?

A little comfort food warms up our stomach as much as it does to our heart.

When you think about comfort food, what’s on your mind? What if…we ask which comfort food we all have in common? That’s right! Instant noodles!

Instant noodles are fascinating. They are the same but different from one country to another. Join us to explore the history of Instant noodles and discover different flavors from different countries. We’ll talk about the types of noodles and styles to serve. 

We encourage you to participate in this cultural storytelling by sharing your own comfort food from your family. You can share photos from your phones or type in the chat what is the comfort food you grew up with.

Let’s have fun and explore the world through instant noodles and comfort food. 

Who’s hosting it?

Originally from Thailand, Ploy moved to Boston for her master’s degrees at Harvard University. Passionate about traveling and learning, she believes we travel not to explore the world but to explore ourselves. Today she combines her passion for travel and love for food through teaching cuisines of the world.

What should you bring to the event?

Share your very own comfort food: why and how it comforts you.


31 January 2021

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