Worst Journey in the World: Arctic vs. Antarctic

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What is it about?

If you long for some travel this year, why don’t you join us for the most miserable, horrible and gruesome journey in the world?

We will divide into two teams, one going to the Arctic (5 years with unnavigable terrain to prove an idea), the other going to the Antarctic (3 years with unbelievably cold temperature to collect an egg).

Agenda below

  • Arctic vs. Antarctic trivia
  • Survival skill training
  • The real journey: let us re-live two real historical expeditions

Everything that could go wrong will go wrong. But we will also experience things we have never done.

Who is hosting it?

The South Pole Expedition is led by Minji, a member of a classic sailing boat club in the UK. Her initial illusion of sailing with champagne soon vanished after being sea-sick for a year. Five years later, she is still learning about the boat and sea, on top of designing cultural experience such as Chinatowns around the world.

The North Pole Expedition is led by Nidhi & Roopak. Roopak is a Construction Engineer & Nidhi is a Yoga Enthusiast & a Home Maker. They take on this dangerous mission on top of having two teenage kids , worshipping India Gods & running an India Mughal Show.


28 August 2020

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