Wuhan, the Insider Story

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What is it about?

Wuhan is a mega city at the heart of China with a population almost equating that of Belgium.

What is the city famous for? Why is the city special? How does it feel to live day to day life there? What has it been like before, during and post COVID-19?

At a time of turbulence and uncertainty, let us take a pause to hear some real stories from Sunny. This event includes 3 parts:

  • Wuhan Trivia: fun trivia questions about the city
  • Wuhan Stories: real stories and photos shared by her family and friends of real Wuhan lifestyles
  • Wuhan Noodle: Sunny will eat in front of us the noodle that built Wuhan

Who is hosting it?

Daughter of an entrepreneurial Chinese tailor, Sunny was born and bred in Wuhan. Now residing in Quebec City, Canada, she is a tour guide\ photographer running a YouTuber channel – Sunny Asian Food.

The event is facilitated by Sumile of FacetoFaceJapan. A mother of two kids living in Kobe, she is the ‘cheerful aunty’ (an ‘obachan’ as you say in Kansai Japan) known for great hospitality, communication and life skills.


21 August 2020

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