A History of the Mobile World in 10 Objects

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What’s it about?

What have the Mesopotamians ever done for us?  

How can you carry a 5ft slide rule?

Why didn’t Kodak like disposable cameras?

Who invented the multimedia smartphone?  

We live in a mobile world. This past year has reminded us all how much we have taken for granted being able to travel, visit, work, learn and play anywhere. We’ll celebrate a return to mobility in 2021 through ten mobile technologies spanning 3000 years.

(with apologies to the British Museum and BBC for borrowing their concept: A history of the world in 100 objects)

Who’s hosting it?

Since childhood, Mike has been fascinated with mobile devices including miniature radios, pocket calculators and torches (flashlights). He has been fortunate to pursue his passion through projects with Kodak, Nokia and Microsoft.

He was founding President of the International Association for Mobile Learning and held the first international conference on mobile learning in 2002. As Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University he now curates a small collection of mobile gadgets. 


10 January 2021

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