Ann’s favourite textiles from the V&A Museum

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What’s it about?

The V&A Museum in London holds the national collection of textiles and fashion, which includes more than 75,000 individual objects or sets of objects that span a period of more than 5,000 years, from Predynastic Egypt to the present day.

Join us on Sunday for a wander around a few of textile specialist Ann Davey’s favourite objects from this world-famous museum of decorative arts.

The V & A textile collection spans many centuries and a vast number of objects and the items chosen here only give the briefest glimpse of the riches inside its walls.

Every textile tells a story and these items have more tales to tell than most. Some tell of the fashions of the day, others of religious practices, customs, spectacle or mythology.

The personal stories of the makers often offer the most fascinating glimpses into lives long past. The closer we look at these textiles, the more details reveal themselves, so let’s take a look at what stories these particular objects can tell.

Who’s telling the story?

Ann has spent a lengthy career specialising in selling antique textiles. She had a stall at London’s famous Portobello Road market for many years and has sold at fairs, markets and exhibitions, both in the U.K and abroad (particularly Japan).

Ann has a large personal collection of antique lace and in recent years she has been delivering talks on textiles for Airbnb Experiences (and elsewhere), guiding visitors around the wonderful textile collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Some examples of her collection can be seen on her website.