Country of Georgia: Tales, Sights, and Traditions


What’s it about?

The mesmerizing country of South Caucasus – Georgia is the land of thousands of years of history and traditions. Georgia’s cultures and traditions have been listed as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

We’ll travel through time and explore Georgian wine traditions since the BC and listen to the Sound of Earth while you hear the stories of local feasts. We’ll explore more about Georgia, the hidden gem of the Black Sea, through fun quizzes, cultural trivia, and virtual tours from the local perspectives.

Who’s telling the story?

Lika has been working in the tourism business and winery industry for several years. She is also a wine specialist and manager of Wildvine Georgian Winery. She is passionate about sharing the stories and culture of Georgia as she believes in local cultures and traditions. Since the pandemic, she started her online experiences on AirBnb and became an instructor for Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

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