Dear David


‘I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. ‘

– Invictus by William Ernest Henley

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What’s it about?

In July of 2019, David Peace, the Chairman of the Cambridge Society London was diagnosed with Bulbar Onset Motor Neurone Disease (MND, also known as ALS). MND is a terminal illness: there is still no prevention, treatment or cure. Our Cambridge scientist Professor Stephen Hawking also suffered from it.

David can no longer communicate using his voice, he can only eat via a tube directly into his stomach, and now his balance and physical strength are waning, though his spirits and fortitude remain high. With the added difficulty of a global pandemic and lockdown to deal with, David decided to start a blog, detailing interesting stories from his adventurous life as well as raising awareness of MND. (

This storytelling includes these sections:

David’s life pre and post diagnosis

Director of MND Research, Dr. Brian Dickie, to discuss current research of the disease and the struggles etc.

The Future: What are the practical options for people in David’s situation? We’ll have input from Lesley Mary Close on behalf of Dignity in Dying.

Professor Tony Watts and Tim Murphy to talk about The David Peace Fund, set up to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) to fund research, care and awareness.

Who’s hosting it?

David Peace: On a national and international scale David has been managing organisations and advising, training and coaching staff and executives at all levels. Born in 1947, he left Cambridge with a degree in Classics in 1969 and embarked on a career that led him to Sudan, Libya, East Africa, the Gulf, a few times around the world, and then back to Britain.

Timothy Murphy, Secretary of Cambridge Society of London who helped to set up the website structure for

Professor Tony Watts who helped to set up the David Peace Fund.

Dr. Brian Dickie, Director of Research Development, Motor Neurone Disease Association (UK)

Lesley Mary Close Mary Close on behalf of Dignity in Dying, a UK-based campaigning organisation

There are several ways to help

(1) To make one-off donations

You can contribute to research into motor neurone disease through the David Peace Fund, the address is:  
(2) To make regular donations

Those who would like to make a regular donation to the Fund through Direct Debit can do so through the MNDA’s own website:  If you do this, please note in the ‘Comments’ box that you would like your gift to be committed to research and recorded as part of the David Peace Fund.

(3) To join the MND art challenge
Post something creative to social media – a photograph, a sketch, a cake, a craft – anything you’re proud of making.  Remember to use the hashtag #MNDArtChallenge so we can see what you’ve made!  Donate whatever you can to the link below, and then challenge or nominate five other friends to do the same.