Explore Culture meets Robert Burns World Federation


What’s it about?

Event recording

This is a collaborative event between Explore Culture Community and Robert Burns World Federation

Explore Culture Community, which began in 2020, curates weekly Sunday cultural storytelling events to share stories about lifestyle, food, travel, history, and inspiring people stories. 

Robert Burns World Federation, founded in 1885, promotes, educates, and celebrates the life and works of Robert Burns and Scotland’s heritage, language, and culture.

At 5 pm BST (4 pm GMT/UTC, 12 pm EDT), we will create an opportunity for these two groups to meet and discuss our worlds. 

We will talk about 

1. Why or how did we get involved with ‘Explore Culture’?

2. What do we get out of being involved?

3. Why do we think the group is important?

What’s joining the conversation?

Marc Sherland: President of Robert Burns World Federation, Deputy President of UK Workers Educational Association.

Minji: Founder of Explore Culture community, an Online Learning Designer head met an Entrepreneurial heart.  

Ploy Khunisorn: Director of Educational Program with CommonWealth Kitchen, she is passionate about Culinary Pursuit, Education, Entrepreneur, and Sustainability

Gary Liljegren: A Geek, a Photographer, and a Radio Ham. Since communicating with the world at age 13 via ham radio, Gary has continued his life-long passion to explore cultures.