Future of Food: What does it mean and how can we make an impact?


What’s it about?

We cannot deny Covid-19 has changed consumers’ behaviors. Covid-19 has accelerated grocery store transitions. What we eat indeed matters to not only the farming community but also to humankind.

Join Derrick and explore food systems.

We’ll start with how the farming practice works. What does organic mean? What does each label mean? Is it only for marketing or for real?

Once you know about sustainable farming practices, we’ll talk about how we make a decision on purchasing. What products should we look for on the shelf?

Then, we will move on to how we cook and eat at home. Which types of food should we focus on?

We all can build a future that provides nutrition and simultaneously strengthen our connection to the entire ecosystem. What does your future of food look like?

Who’s telling the story?

Derrick Quandt is the Director of Operations at Banza, a rapidly growing maker of chickpea-based foods. Banza’s success has been driven by maintaining a close connection to consumer preferences, while building a globally competitive supply chain. Derrick is responsible for Banza’s farmer network and supporting R&D projects across the supply chain.

Derrick has been working in startups since graduating from Cambridge with an MBA. These startups ranged from software to hardware and from fitness to decorative cardboard animal heads. Prior to the MBA, Derrick worked as an engineering program manager for a defense contractor. He spends most of his time reading about food and avoiding grizzly bears in the Montana mountains.