History and Culture of Thai Desserts


What’s it about?

Thai Street Food has been so popular around the world. But when it comes to Thai desserts, people outside Thailand almost do not have access to learn about the history and culture of the delicacy of these confections.

Thai desserts are the lens to reflect history, culture, beliefs, and people of Thailand. They require both artistry and cooking skills to perfect these delicacies. Join Ploy of Ploy’s Kitchen who will talk about the history and culture of Thai desserts through a revolutionary change from 1200 to the present.

We will also explore how Thai desserts play an important role in many Thai festivals including Thai New Year, weddings, and even religious ceremonies.

At the end of the class, you will get a discount code to sign up for an online class on how to make a Thai vegan dessert (traditional Thai colorful glutinous rice dumplings in sweet and warm coconut milk) at no extra cost (value $45).

Who’s telling the story?

Ploy Khunisorn has been hosting several sessions for the Explore Culture group including DisneyWorld, Instant Noodles, SEA Food and Culture through Raya, and more.

Ploy is a native of Thailand. She came to the USA to do a master’s degree in Sustainability at Harvard University and a master’s degree in Education at Cambridge College.

She is the Director of Educational Programs of CommonWealth Kitchen in Boston, MA and she is also hosting many online cooking classes on Ploy’s Kitchen.

With her love of traveling, she has learned varieties of cuisine around the world. Check out her website (https://ployskitchen.com/) and her Instagram: @ployskitchen