Make it conversational



A most effective way to engage an audience is to have a conversation with him/her instead of giving a lecture to him/her. In daily life, we communicate by having a two-way conversation. The best way to lose an audience is for someone to have a monologue for one hour. This is the same with the online setting.

You can stimulate reflections and learn from other points of view, don’t lose this amazing possibility, be open for sharing as well as for listening!


👉Tip1: Speak as if you were playing tennis. When we play tennis or table tennis, we wait until the ball comes back to strike again. During a conversation, we also take turns to speak and respond. It is not straightforward to design an interactive talk but it is possible and the result is much better.

👉Tip 2: Pace yourself. Make short breaks to give space for you and the audience to breathe. That allows the audience to pause, reflect, discuss and share their points of view.

👉Tip 3: Ask questions to/about your audience and show interest in them.

👉 Tip 4: Design for responses. Make purposeful designs such as polls, quizzes to allow the tennis ball to bounce back to you. This will make the talk more interesting to both you and the audience.